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Scholarship Experience part 2

YTM scholarship by Afiq Hakimi

What scholarship did I receive

Assalamualaikum and good day to readers! Im Muhamad Afiq Hakimi. Im a Yayasan Tenaga Nasional scholar and currently studying in my third semester foundation programme at Universiti Tenaga Nasional Putrajaya Campus. Soon I will be continuing my degree in Electrical Power Engineering.

How did I apply for the scholarship

I was scrolling twitter at that time when I saw my friend retweeted the YTN scholarship advertisement. So I clicked the link and applied as my mother told me to apply all scholarships available whether its Malaysian or overseas company/government scholarship. What you need is just to fill in the application form and wait for the email from YTN representatives.

My interview experience

A few day after I applied for the scholarship, I received an email from YTN to attend the interview at the RHR Hotel in UNITEN Putrajaya. It was the first scholarship interview of all scholarships I applied (actually I applied many scholarships but managed to be interviewed by YTN and YTM only hahaha). As I remembered, there are 3 days of interview and it has two session, morning and afternoon. In the email you will be asked to attend 1 of the 3 days and your session will also be stated there. I cant remember exactly the day I attended but I was in the morning session. As far as I can remember, the interview are only held in UNITEN Putrajaya unlike YTM where the interview was held in a few states around Malaysia. From this part you know you need to sacrifice a bit for your own sake of studies hahaha. As usual, make sure to be there early. Back to my experience, we (applicants) were asked to prepare the photocopy of IC, SPM result and certificates. Bring your original copy too! Then we were put in a conference room and a YTN staff will explain briefly what is TNB, what is YTN and etc. Then, its interview time! We were put into groups according to our interview room. Lucky for me, ( I guess ) I was the third in line to be interviewed. FYI, you will be only interviewed individually so give it your best shot! Before I entered the interview room, there is one special seat for the next person in line to sit. The best thing is the seat was just beside the iv room door. Literally I can hear the person before me speaking to the interviewer hahah. I spoke to one of the staff before that, when you were called for the iv, you are already one step into being a YTN scholar. You just need to do your best in the iv room. The interview question was ALL ABOUT YOU. What you need to do is express yourself to the panel. Why did I say this? Because the question asked are random and it is not the same as other applicant. For example: my friend were asked to sing a nasheed song as he have a singing competition certificate. There are also my friends that were asked to recite some Surah from the Quran. Basically what you tell/ show in your certificate they will ask you to do it. So don’t lie AT ALL. After the iv finished, go home and wait for the email stating to accept/decline the scholarship offer. Yay!

What is the most unique thing about my scholarship

Theres a lot to be told to. After you accepted the offer, YTN will conduct a orientation programme where youll meet other YTN scholars too (from your batch). FYI, YTN has 2 programmes. Overseas and local programmes. Local will be placed in UNITEN Putrajaya (engineering, IT, computer sc) and UNITEN Muadzam (business, account etc). Overseas will be placed in INTEC (Germany, Australia, France if im not mistaken), Southampton University,JB (UK) and several other places (I cant remember sorry). So at this orientation programmes you will be meeting each other for 4 days camp at a hotel. YTN is a huge family. Your bond with other scholars are very strong even you are in Putrajaya and the other one is in Muadzam. There are many activities YTN conducted such as Hari Raya celebration and charity works.

What to be expected from the scholarship

Allowance: its quite good you know. For a student that does not need to pay for loans, the allowance is more than enough. You will be given monthly allowance, books and laptop and few other allowance

College placement: For foundation students, you will be staying at the hostel as YTN paid for the college fees. As for the degree students you will be given allowance as you can choose to stay outside campus. The colleges is like your own house. You can cook if you wanted to but only with electric stove/cooker. No gas stove allowed or you will be fined. Studying in UNITEN doesnt mean free electricity hahaha. You need to pay in order to get electricity supply. Its like the mobile phone reload system but it is for electricity.

Local/overseas program : For local students, there is a special program for YTN scholars. Its called Preparatory Programme for Excellent Students (PPES). As I mentioned previously, YTN has also overseas bound students. There are some of them in UNITEN too under the PPES. These scholars are bound to the USA when they are in degree programme later. For the local students, it doesnt mean you cant study overseas although you are local scholars. YTN has a mobility programme where they will sponsor you to continue your studies overseas for your degree in 3rd or 4th year. All you need to do is to be excellent in academics and non-academics activities while in UNITEN.

Why you should apply for YTN

Job secured: upon graduating, your place in TNB are secured as you will be bonded for 7-10 years. Being a GLC company, you will get numerous benefits from TNB as an employee. Theres no need to worry to seek for jobs. Easy.

Attractive allowance, a conducive campus environment, fees paid for you. What more can you ask from a scholarship? Try YTN that you will feel whats the meaning to be in the TNB family even before entering TNB as an employee.

That’s all from a YTN scholar. If youre reading this and wanted to know more about YTN, drop me a DM. Cheers.

Twitter: @aafiqhakimi IG: aafiqhakimi.r 

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Scholarship Experience - Xypher!

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since I updated. So recently the 99s got their SPM results already, and I know there’s a mix of feelings here and there, but be grateful okay? At least you have the privilege to receive education and you should be happy for that. So now it’s time for you guys to buck up and switch on your rational brain. This entry is about our scholarship experience. We only managed to get 5 people to write their scholarship experience but I think that’s enough lol. This is for our adik-adik Soufa and also for anyone else who finds benefit from this. These are all last year's experience so that means some infos are updated, you can always check the scholarship website for updates. Also note that this is an experience from a Foundation level students. I might wanna consider publishing an entry from 3rd year/final year students tapi nanti lah if I have time.

1. YTM scholarship (Local) - Wardah Syaurah

1.    What scholarship did you receive?

Yayasan Telekom Malaysia (YTM)
Foundation in Management, Second Trimester.
Degree: Bachelor in Finance
Now studying: Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.

2.      How did you apply for the scholarship?

My elder sister screenshotted an advertisement about YTM Scholarship and she asked me to apply. Without hesitation, I applied it because who knows I might get the scholarship right. I googled YTM and then a link for the application appears so I quickly applied and filled in all the details. By the way, I had also subscribed to this website; . You just put your email address and it will send notification to your email whenever there is any scholarship offer. It will also give you details about each scholarship, closing date, requirements and the link as well!

3.     Explain your interview experience.

To be very frank, I ALMOST did not attend the interview hahahahahahaha. Reason? I can’t tell you everything because the question asked me to explain, not spill all the story haha. Before that, I received an email from YTM to do IQ test. After a while, I got an email from YTM and they tell me that I was chosen to go to EQ Camp on 13th April 2016. I’m okay to go for the interview but I don’t want to go to the camp. But when I think back, I cannot leave this opportunity. I imagine that we go there and having a camp like how it used to be in school hahahaha but it’s not. I’m staying at D’Village Resort, Ayer Keroh, Melaka and everything was ready. The room, the food and the hall are convenient and the most important thing; it is way more than I expected haha. The EQ camp was superb; I really do enjoy the camp SERIOUSLY. 15th April 2016 is the day when everyone got to be in the interview. Oh btw, if you manage to pass all the test they give you during the camp, you can proceed to the interview. If you’re not, you can go back home on 14th. So, the situation in the interview…you are in a group of four. And there are 4 panels in front of you. What about the question they ask?

(i)             Introduce yourself and tell me anything about you.
(ii)           What course do you want? What if we give you other than the course you want?
(iii)          What is your strength and achievement in school and how can they benefit us if you got this scholarship?
(iv)          Among the 6 Prime Minister, which one is your idol and tell us why.
(v)           Tell us why you’re worth to get our scholarship.

4.    What is the most unique thing about your scholarship?

Extra programs: We also have programs to strengthen bond between each other (Hari Raya Celebration, English Camp etc.) even before I entered MMU, we have Induction Program with TM. We have silat class every Monday and Wednesday; 9p.m. to 11p.m. Well, I don’t like it tbh hahaha. So, don’t ask much about silat haha.

5.   What should you expect from the scholarship? (allowance, college placement, local/overseas, programs provided etc)

Allowance: YTM gives more than you expect. Other than allowance, they also give me laptop fees(with the money given, you have to be your own laptop). Other than that, I got other allowances (project paper allowance etc. I don’t remember sorry!).
Job Secured: After I finish my study, I have to work with TM for a few years (based on my study period, but if TM sponsored you to study abroad, you have to work with TM twice the period of your study). So, my job has been secured. (but if you don’t want to work with TM, you have to pay back the amount of money you’ve used for your studies).
College placement: If local: Only MMU( Either in Cyberjaya or Melaka, you may choose).
If overseas: I’m not really sure. You can follow up to my friend, Miza Aminuddin thread because she received overseas scholarship and she’s now in Korea.
If you’re studying in foundation, your allowance will be lesser than degree students because your hostel fees is settled by YTM. For degree students, you have to pay hostel fees ONLY by yourself or maybe you don’t want to stay in hostel, it’s up to you J
Programs provided: Engineering, Management, Creative Multimedia, ICT.
CGPA: must get 3.0 and above.

6.     Why do you think people should apply for the scholarship?

If you ask me whether I got straight A’s in my SPM? Nope, I’m not. But don’t ask me how many A’s I got haha. (you may know but only if you PM me J). So, what I’m trying to say here is you don’t have to think about how many A’s you got. Yes, the more the A’s, the easier you will get the scholarship but IF you don’t manage to get all A’s in SPM, don’t be sad. You still can apply for scholarship. YTM is one of the lenient scholarship I tell you. For me, if you perform in your IQ test and EQ camp, I’m sure you can get the scholarship. Oh, another one thing, if you’re so active in co-curriculum, you might also have a big chance to get YTM scholarship J

7.     How to contact me?

Instagram: @syaurahridzwan
Twitter: @syaurahridzwan

You can ask me any questions if you want to!

2. YTM scholarship (Overseas) - Nurmiza

Hi, my name is Nurmiza binti Aminuddin and I am one of the Yayasan Telekom Malaysia scholars and now I’m in Korea to sambung my studies in engineering. So, how I applied for this scholarship? Ok first sebenarnya to be honest aku tak pernah terfikir pun nak apply this scholarship. Sebab masa lepas SPM tu kan cikgu and parents suruh apply je semua scholarship yang wujud kat Malaysia ni. So aku pun isi la semua termasuk JPA and YTM. One month after that tak silap, aku dapat panggilan untuk pergi ke interview YTM. Tetiba  aku rasa cam nervous gila sebab interview ni akan menentukan masa depan aku. Actually interview tu kat Taiping, Perak and benda tu macam kem 3 hari 2 malam camtu. Lagila aku berdebar bila dapat tau dia macam kem. Tapi sebab aku nak sangat scholarship ni aku pun pergi jela kem tu walaupun aku nervous gila.

Masa mula-mula datang kem tu aku ada la jumpa ramai kawan baru. Tapi aku rasa macam rendah diri sikit ah sebab diorang ni semua speaking sesama sendiri tapi bila aku nak join diorang sembang aku cakap melayu je sebab tak mampu nak speaking. So kem ni sebenarnya macam kem motivasi jugak tapi dalam masa yang sama ada orang yang menilai kitorg setiap benda yang kitaorg buat. Contohnya aktiviti pagi tu kena siapkam puzzle dalam kumpulan so, dekat tepi kitaorg tu ada la faci yang catat apa yang kitaorg buat. Lepas dua hari kitaorg buat macam-macam aktiviti tibalah hari yang terakhir iaitu hari interview. Hari ni lah hari yang paling nervous. Aku memang tak boleh tidur malam tu sebab nervous sangat. Sampai je kat floor yang kitaorg nak interview tu, kitaorg kena tunggu kat luar and dia panggil masuk by group. Satu group 5 orang. Nak tak nak group aku pun dipanggil masuk ke dalam bilik interview tu. Aku rasa macam nak nangis dah tapi tahan je.

Dalam bilik tu ada 3 interviewer and semua tu pegang jawatan yang tinggi dalam syarikat Telekom Malaysia ni. Pastu interviewer tu tanya la sila perkenalkan diri and dia nak volunteer. So, aku tak tau kenapa tetiba tangan aku naik dengan sendirinya and aku pun disuruh perkenalkan diri dalam english. So aku buat jela macam biasa. Lepastu dia tanya sorang2 kalau ada berlaku satu tekanan dalam syarikat tu nak pindah syarikat lain atau nak stay. So, aku pun memilih untuk cakap nak stay. And dia tanya lagi ada call parents tak sebelum interview ni? And aku cakap ada tapi tetiba aku termenangis sikit depan interviewer tu sebab aku teringat mak aku. Hahaha. Mungkin sebab aku nervous sangat kot. And last question dia tanya nak dalam negara or luar and nak kat mana. Dengan yakinnya aku jawab aku nak luar negara. Disebabkan aku tak tau negara apa yang ok untuk aku, aku main cakap je nak France. Lepastu interviewer tu tengok balik semua sijil2 aku and dia ternampak sijil Chinese Test aku tu. pastu dia cakap " awak kan ada basic chinese cuba cakap sikit". Aku pun dengan yakin dan bangganya perkenalkan diri aku balik dalam chinese. Pastu interviewer tu buat muka kagum and dia tanya "kalau saya hantar awak kat Korea nak tak"? Aku pun mestila jawab nakk. And beberapa bulan lepastu aku dapat surat tawaran untuk belajar kat Korea dari YTM. Alhamdulillah.

And actually scholarship ni, kitaorg punya allowance memang dah cukup banyak dah. And allowance dia masuk tak lambat sangat pun. Tapi aku harap scholarship ni dibukak lebih banyak untuk pelajar yang nak ke luar negara. And aku rasa korang yang baca benda ni kena apply for scholarship ni sebab scholarship ni memang sangat banyak membantu aku dari segi akademik and kewangan. Lepastu scholarship ni interview dia pun macam sembang santai-santai je and diorang ni mementingkan kejujuran. Kalau kau tak bagus kau tak payah berlakon bagus. Kau cakap je kau tak bagus and diorang boleh terima janji kau jujur and yakin je. That’s all from me. Terima kasih sebab sudi baca.

3. Petronas Scholarship (Overseas) - Hafiizhullah Ariif

1. What scholarship did you receive?

Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme (PESP)

2. How did you apply for the scholarship?

Keep yourself updated on social medias. Usually it would be promoted, go follow @petronas on Twitter and Instagram. Also, the website for this scholarship is (if it’s still the same lah) and usually will open right after your results day. This year's min. requirement dah naik to 9As btw :/

3. Explain your interview experience

We had this programme called Petronas Youngstars Day (PYD) basically a one-day selection for the scholarship. Ada a few venues, some of them are Taylor’s University and KDU Glenmarie each with different time. There’s two session: first session is two online quizzes and second session is problem solving (?). You can only get to the second session if you are shortlisted from the first session, so do your best for the two quizzes. First quiz is more about yourself, your attitude and your thinking skills. Just be optimistic while answering this. Second one is like a math question. Don’t worry, soalan dia not that hard so takyah study teruk-teruk before PYD. Ok then lepas dah habis jawab quiz you will have your lunch break and nama yang shortlisted to the second session will be announced after lunchtime. You can go back home and sleep if your name isn’t shortlisted. You can always try other scholarships. So for the second session we were divided into groups of 5 and we have to think of a way to boost the sale at Petronas station and Kedai Mesra. That’s all. There’s 5 of us in the room and guess what, 4 of us received the scholarship lol. I can’t say much about the interview, because I frankly don’t know what did I answer for the first session and for the second session, as long as you are confident, you’re good to go. Seriously. Jangan overconfident je.

4. What is the most unique thing about your scholarship?

I’m not sure if this is unique haha, but I think it’s how Petronas officers take care of us. We don’t have specific place of study where all Petronas scholars will be placed there (like MARA colleges) yet Petronas akan buat engagement session with us. As for Taylor’s University students, we have officers yang jaga kitorang, we even have lecturer advisor for Petronas scholars in ADP. Secondly, paling best sebab though all of us Petronas scholars are separated into different colleges, we will eventually get to know scholars from other colleges jugak through PREP program. It’s a 3-day camp (PREP Induction) and a 5-day camp (PREP STE) but trust me, you guys will enjoy these two camps as a Petronas scholars. If it weren’t for the camps, I wouldn’t have made friends with Petronas scholars from other colleges.

5. What should you expect from the scholarship? (details like allowance, college placement, local/overseas, programs provided etc)

Allowance is quite nice. I hope they are changing the distribution of allowance ikut college this year because that would be better in my opinion. As usual, you’ll get allowance for your monthly pocket money, annual books allowance, laptop, miscellanies etc.

For college placement, Petronas will send its scholars to Universiti Teknologi Petronas for local scholars and to 5 different colleges/university for overseas scholar, namely

Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus (US bound) – American Degree Program
Taylor’s College Subang Jaya (NZ & AUS) – South Australian Matriculation
Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (UK) – A-Levels
KDU College Damansara (UK/Canada) – A-Levels
Kolej Yayasan UEM (UK) – A-Levels

I’m not sure about the courses offered this year, but definitely akan ada engineering. Last year the courses for overseas scholarship IIRC are Chem Engineering, Mech Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Geoscience, Geophysics, Accounting, Economics, Computer Science, Finance, Law, Actuarial Science. Local scholarship hampir sama jugak. Update: Course this year ada tambah Electrical Engineering, Material Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Psychology hergh.

College life depends which place you are going to. As for Taylor’s University, you are more liberated because apparently it is the only university compared to the other 4. You will also stay in the campus residence so kalau nak gi kelas tu 5 minit je. TCSJ and KDU comes second, sebab they don’t have that much rules as well. Tapi expect a small college environment and out-of-campus residency. As for KYUEM and KTJ, they have private secondary school students in the college as well, so you’re basically Form 6 students but in a private school. There’s prep time and all that, and for KTJ you will have to wear uniforms. Also KTJ and KYUEM is in rural areas while TU, TCSJ and KDU tengah-tengah bandar (and these 3 colleges are quite near to each other) so my advice would be, find a way to jimat duit from the start. Try cooking your own meal if you want to jimat, but we don’t usually do that in TU lol sebab takleh cook inside our house without worrying about the smoke detector.

6. Why do you think people should apply for the scholarship?

If you want to work for Petronas after graduating, then this is your chance. If you want to be sponsored for an engineering/accounting/economics/actuarial science degree, then apply for PESP. If you want a wide range of network among scholars, then apply for PESP. If you want to study at a private college/university, then apply for PESP. If you want to study overseas with a scholarship, then apply for PESP. If you don’t feel confident enough to go for scholarships like Bank Negara, Khazanah etc then apply for PESP. Tapi kalau nak apply when your desired major is not offered, I wouldn’t recommend you to apply. Don’t.

I am studying in Taylor’s University (US Bound) and now taking American Degree Program (1+4). I’m being bias here, but anyways I would recommend you guys to apply for US Bound if you guys minat engineering or economics (or actuarial science). ADP is a chill program compared to SAM and A-Levels. Generally people would say it’s easier lah truth be told idk. And Taylor’s University is like “one of your dream university” so do apply for US bound (honestly I’m a bit sugar-coating this but ok).

That’s all. Of course there’s a lot to talk about, but you guys can always ask me later. DM me on Twitter @hafiizrashid or Whatsapp me (mutuals only) if you guys want to ask more details about scholarship, I will entertain insya Allah.

4. Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA (Local) - Ahmad Dzahin

Hello dan assalamualaikum everyone! I am going to share with you guys my experience as MARA scholar and also about MARA Scholarship itself. Okay, here we go.

Apa itu Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA?

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), atau Majlis Amanah Rakyat, sebuah agensi di bawah bidang kuasa Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah, ditubuhkan pada 1 Mac 1966 dan bertanggungjawab untuk membangunkan, menggalakkan, memudahkan, dan memupuk ekonomi dan pembangunan sosial di Malaysia.  Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) mempunyai banyak fungsi termasuk menyediakan biasiswa MARA sebagai pinjaman pendidikan kepada pelajar yang layak berdasarkan keadaan kewangan keluarga yang lemah.

Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA adalah salah satu ‘biasiswa’ yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh kebanyakan lepasan cemerlang SPM Bumiputera. Walaupun Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA ini sering digelar sebagai biasiswa, namun ia bukan lah seperti biasiswa lain yang menanggung sepenuhnya kos sesorang penerima termasuklah kos laptop, blazer, buku dan sebagainya. Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA boleh dikatakan pinjaman boleh ubah di mana anda akhirnya perlu membayar balik apabila anda bekerja dan berapa banyak yang anda bayar balik bergantung kepada tahap kelas ijazah yang anda lulus. Penerima pinjaman MARA sebelum ini diberikan elaun tambahan untuk membeli perkara lain selain perkara asas tetapi tidak untuk sekarang atas sebab sebab tertentu. Kini, MARA hanya menyediakan pinjaman pelajaran dari segi yuran pengajian dan elaun bagi kos sara hidup yang asas.  Itu merupakan salah satu perkara penting yang perlu diketahui oleh setiap lepasan SPM. Mungkin ramai lepasan SPM sudah lebih cenderung untuk memilih biasiswa penuh berbanding pinjaman MARA selepas mengetahui bahawa MARA hanyalah merupakan sebuah ‘pinjaman’ tetapi ia mempunyai kelebihan tersendiri berbanding biasiswa yang lain. Untuk itu, saya akan terangkan dengan lebih lanjut selepas ini.

Field of study?

Fokus dan keutamaan MARA ialah course STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Dengan kata lain, MARA menawarkan course seperti yang berikut :

§   Medicine
§   Dentistry
§   Pharmacy
§   Optometry
§   Biotechnology
§   Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical)
§   Actuarial Science
§   Accounting
§   Information Technology/ Computer Science/ ICT
§   Pure Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
§   Architecture
§   Law
§   Tourism
§   Economics, Business Administration, Finance
§   Islamic Economics, Islamic Business Administration, Islamic Finance
§   Science
§   Arts
§   Education

Tetapi courses yang ditawarkan sentiasa berubah dari semasa ke semasa bergantung kepada faktor faktor tertentu. Apabila anda memohon, anda akan diberikan list of courses yang MARA offer pada tahun tersebut, anda boleh buat pilihan pada waktu tersebut. Compare to JPA dan JPA-MARA, MARA pada tahun 2016 menawarkan lebih banyak pengajian ke luar negara, termasuklah Perubatan, Perakaunan dan Engineering .  Namun, untuk tahun ini, pihak MARA telah menyatakan bahawa mereka fokus adalah untuk menyediakan pinjaman pelajaran di dalam negara tetapi masih menawarkan pengajian ke luar negara.

Apa requirements yang diperlukan untuk memohon?

Berikut merupakan antara syarat-syarat umum permohonan:
·   Pemohon dan salah seorang ibu bapa adalah bumiputera
·   Warganegara Malaysia
·   Nama ibu bapa atau pemohon tidak disenarai hitam oleh MARA
·   Tidak menerima tajaan lain untuk pengajian di peringkat yang sama
·   Mempunyai kesihatan yang baik dan tidak menghidap mana mana penyakit kritikal
·   Mempunyai keputusan akademik yang cemerlang dan aktif dalam kokurikulum

Seperti courses yang ditawarkan, begitu juga syarat-syarat permohonan akan berubah dari mengikut tahun tersebut terutamanya syarat khusus permohonan.

Why should you apply for MARA?

Of course, yang paling penting sekali, adalah kerana courses yang ditawarkan oleh MARA. Tidak seperti agensi biasiswa lain yang berkepentingan, MARA memberikan pinjaman pelajaran kepada calon dengan tujuan untuk memberikan bantuan kewangan dan menaikkan taraf sosial penerima. Oleh itu, MARA menawarkan courses yang lebih luas berbanding agensi biasiswa yang lain. Pada tahun 2016, hanya ada 3 agensi sahaja yang menawarkan course medic iaitu, MARA, JPA-MARA dan juga Yayasan Khazanah Negara. Hanya MARA sahaja yang masih lagi menawarkan course medic ke luar negara pada masa itu. Disebabkan hal ini, MARA menjadi tumpuan lepasan SPM yang meyimpan cita-cita untuk menyambung pengajian yang diingini.

Sebagaimana yang telah nyatakan tadi, MARA boleh dikatakan pinjaman boleh ubah di mana anda akhirnya perlu membayar balik apabila anda bekerja dan berapa banyak yang anda bayar balik bergantung kepada tahap kelas ijazah yang anda lulus. Higher CGPA, lesser percentage of having to pay back. Kalau 4 flat pun still kena bayar tetapi ada yang sesetengah course yang tidak menggunakan sistem begitu. Sebagai contoh, pinjaman saya sebagai pelajar perubatan dalam negara tidak akan ditukarkan sebagai biasiswa penuh walaupun mendapat CGPA yang cemerlang tetapi hanya perlu lulus untuk membayar pinjaman sebanyak 20% sahaja yang bagi saya. Course yang berbeza mempunyai perjanjian bayaran yang berbeza. Jadi, anda harus betul betul meneliti serta mengkaji perjanjian pinjaman. Pastikan anda mengetahui dan memahami keseluruhan perjanjian sebelum memohon. Mungkin anda akan tidak lagi kisah bahawa ia merupakan sebuah pinjaman selepas mengkaji perjanjian pinjaman kerana sebahagian lepasan SPM merasakan perjanjian tersebut berbaloi.

Pinjaman MARA juga tidak seperti bonded-scholarship lain di mana penerima biasiswa mempunyai kontrak untuk bekerja dengan pihak penaja sejurus selepas graduate. Penerima Pinjaman MARA tidak mempunyai apa-apa kontrak selain perjanjian untuk membayar balik pinjaman. Jadi, penerima Pinjaman MARA tidak akan terikat dengan apa apa perjanjian dan bebas untuk melakukan perancangan tersendiri seperti bekerja di luar negara, bekerja di syarikat swasta tertentu, menyambung pengajian ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi atau sebagainya tanpa sebarang halangan. Dari segi job prospect, I would like to say that other scholarships are so much more better. Tapi jika anda mempunyai rancangan tersendiri selepas graduate dan tidak mahu ada apa-apa yang mengganggu, mungkin Pinjaman MARA adalah pilihan yang lebih baik.

Haa one more thing, people say that MARA sangat menjaga kebajikan scholars mereka dan saya sebagai penerima pinjaman MARA merasakan perkara tersebut sangat betul. One of the thing yang menyebabkan saya rasa sangat bersyukur adalah sebab ini lah. Saya masih lagi di peringkat foundation and I found that kakitangan MARA terutamanya lecturers really care about you. Let me be straight, keadaan foundation adalah sama dengan keadaan di sekolah termasuklah dari segi disiplin dan jadual harian. Lebih longgar dari sekolah tapi tak selonggar di IPTA yang lain. Lecturers bukan hanya sekadar mengajar tetapi akan berusaha pastikan semua student akan lepas requirements untuk sambung pengajian. Bila ada lecturer bagi assignment untuk satu subjek, other lecturers akan alert pasal assignment tu juga. Di Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang, kakitangan MARA  akan organize a trip to RCMP untuk bagi exposure kepada students tentang tempat yang akan kami sambung pengajian nanti. Even hubungan kami dengan senior pun, lecturers akan tolong bantu untuk link kan antara kami. Kakitangan MARA akan sentiasa tanya tentang masalah dah keadaan students untuk improve dari semasa ke semasa and I am really impressed towards what MARA is doing for our kebajikan. So, for students yang still rasa perlukan keadaan seperti sekolah, still perlukan bantuan dari pihak lain, I don’t know about other scholarship but I think MARA will suit you really well.

Lastly, I can say that Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA lebih mudah untuk dapat compared to other scholarships. As we all know, hanya Bumiputera sahaja yang boleh apply MARA thus less competition. Yes, it’s true that probability untuk dipilih sebagai scholars lebih besar berbanding scholarship lain but then you still have to be really well deserved and competitive to receive the scholarship. If you want more certainty, go for MARA.

Application procedure and interview experience.

First, anda perlu pergi ke laman web MARA untuk mengetahui bila permohonan itu akan dibuka selepas keputusan SPM dikeluarkan. Biasanya procedure MARA dari satu stage ke satu stage sangat sekejap. Jadi, jangan lupa untuk sentiasa share dengan schoolmates recent updates about the scholarship. Permohonan akan dilakukan secara online. Bila permohonan dah dibuka, anda harus mendaftar untuk create satu account di aplikasi permohonan MARA. Anda cuma perlu isi details, pilih course dan specify where you want to go. You will be given a list of programs offered  by MARA for that year in pdf form and you will have only two options available to apply those programs. Make sure you pay attention to what you choose for those two options and in what order because your first choice will be the one they will prioritise for you. Basically, you just have to choose the codes for your choices dan masukkan ke dalam permohonan anda. Lepas selesai buat permohonan, tunggu announcement dari pihak MARA for the next stage whether you get shortlisted for the temuduga or not. Untuk tahun 2016, permohonan ke oversea sahaja yang ditemuduga tetapi untuk pengajian di dalam negara, tidak ada apa-apa temu duga.  Then, untuk pemohonan ke overseas, kalau dapat, pihak MARA akan memberikan maklumat dan arahan tentang sesi interview melalui aplikasi MARA yang anda dah daftar sebelum ini.  

For the interview itself, the modules for the temuduga change from year to year. Untuk tahun 2015, there was no interview session. Yang ada cuma ujian psychometric beserta essay yang dijalankan secara berpusat, pakaian pun formal. Tapi untuk tahun 2016, ujian psychometric tanpa essay dijalankan secara online. The test is basically an IQ test that you wouldn’t and shouldn’t pointlessly study for. The interview session was held at Kolej MARA Banting since I’m from Selangor. The dress code for the interview session was not formal attire, blazer semua tu but sports attire. Pelik kan? Interview tu ada dua session and before we go for the first session, kami kena daftar and gather di dewan besar. Ada sesi taklimat dan kami dibahagikan ikut group interview masing masing. Each group ada team members kalau tak silap. You maybe have to wait for your group’s turn to be interviewed. Take this chance to blend with other people, get to know each other, exchange thoughts and experience because you are going to cooperate with them as a team throughout the interview session. Untuk sesi yang pertama, we played a game, maybe that’s why we had to wear sport attire. The game was like ‘telefon karat’, orang pertama akan baca mesej, then pass to the next people sampai lah to the last person. Last person kena lukis mesej tu. After we finished the task, we were asked to share what we got from the game. For the second session, we moved to another room dan kali ini memang betul-betul macam typical interview. We were asked to introduce ourselves and then each of us diberikan satu sampul surat. Setiap orang akan dapat satu department dalam hospital and then kami had to debate on which department should get 1 million ringgit fund from the government. Sebelum tu, kami diberi masa about 10 minutes untuk discuss. Lepas debate, the interviewer akan tanya macam-macam soalan regarding your passion, your knowledge about the field and etc. So, the interview session ended there. So, before the interview session, you should be really prepared. Make sure that you have a deep knowledge about the field that you apply for and also don’t forget about the general knowledge, recent issues. Do some practices on answering frequently asked questions, always ask yourself on “Why am I applying for this major?” and find the answers until there is no doubt about it. And the most important thing is being yourself. By that way, you will find that you will be more confident and impressive. Trust me.

So, I think that’s all from me. Be prepared to become a scholar. It’s gonna be really challenging.  Expectation of other people towards you will be really high. Anda akan termasuk dalam golongan di mana kalau tak dapat 4 flat or straight As adalah sesuatu yang pelik. However, it definitely isn’t impossible if you put your mind to it. Good luck!

5. JPA scholarship (Overseas) - Aimi Zafirah

I have received JPA scholarship of engineering to Germany. This scholarship can only become a full scholarship if you are working with the government for 10 years. Actually this is the only scholarship that I applied and luckily I got it. My mom knew about this scholarship through news in television and asked me to apply for it. Although my passion is to pursue in medic but I just tried my luck. I just need to fill a form in JPA official website and this form did not require any scanned certificates or essay to write.

At first, I just relied on my UPU, so I completely forgot about this scholarship. Then I got a text message telling that I got the interview. My interview was at University Teknologi PETRONAS. There are 2 phase, computer test and interview by group. The computer test was basically easy because it only asks about your behavior or identity and a little bit of your knowledge in Math and English. My interview was so bad and I almost cried in front of the interviewers. All the members in my group are English debaters and can speak English fluently and this gave me a huge pressure.  I felt so panic and it eventually affected my whole interview. After the session, I believe that I have no chance to receive this scholarship, so I immediately move on. Based on this experience, I believe that all that we need is confidence and never compare yourself and others.  

The most unique thing about this scholarship is they will sponsor you until PhD or master if you pass certain requirements. But due to the economic problem in Malaysia, I think that the requirement will be extremely high in order to minimize the sponsorship.

To be honest, the allowance is more than enough but they are not punctually banked in. I just got my allowance 2 or 3 month late and this was so frustrating.  JPA engineering Germany is divided into two prep colleges which is A-level in INTEC and First City University College for AUSMAT. Now I am taking the AUSMAT course and everything are so different compared to the normal education system. It is based on Australia system and syllabus and we need to know everything about Australia even their history. Compared to A-level, final mark of AUSMAT is divided equally by test and assessment. So last minute study cannot be applied if you’re taking this course. In order to be able to fly to Germany, there are several strict requirements that need to pass. Your overall Altar score must be above 75, which is actually so high. Then you also have you get above 70 for your German language and some other requirements. But AUSMAT is quite fun because you’re studying with small group of people so the interaction between students and lecturers is more effective.

If your passion is to become an engineer, this is might be one of the best scholarships to you. Germany is also a very advanced country with a very well-known engineering especially in automotive field. Although you are bounded by the 10-years agreement, but you also can work at non-government companies or even in oversea, but you are required to pay back certain amount of the whole sponsorship.


For now, that's all we have to say. There's a lot of other things but you guys can contact us directly. Of course, some infos aren't that suitable to be posted publicly, so that's why. Be sure to keep yourself updated and alert with all the application deadlines and jangan hesitate to apply for a scholarship just because you think you won't pass the interview. Apply je, trust me you will regret later if that's your reason for not applying. Until then, Assalamualaikum and have a good day.