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Scholarship Experience part 2

YTM scholarship by Afiq Hakimi

What scholarship did I receive

Assalamualaikum and good day to readers! Im Muhamad Afiq Hakimi. Im a Yayasan Tenaga Nasional scholar and currently studying in my third semester foundation programme at Universiti Tenaga Nasional Putrajaya Campus. Soon I will be continuing my degree in Electrical Power Engineering.

How did I apply for the scholarship

I was scrolling twitter at that time when I saw my friend retweeted the YTN scholarship advertisement. So I clicked the link and applied as my mother told me to apply all scholarships available whether its Malaysian or overseas company/government scholarship. What you need is just to fill in the application form and wait for the email from YTN representatives.

My interview experience

A few day after I applied for the scholarship, I received an email from YTN to attend the interview at the RHR Hotel in UNITEN Putrajaya. It was the first scholarship interview of all scholarships I applied (actually I applied many scholarships but managed to be interviewed by YTN and YTM only hahaha). As I remembered, there are 3 days of interview and it has two session, morning and afternoon. In the email you will be asked to attend 1 of the 3 days and your session will also be stated there. I cant remember exactly the day I attended but I was in the morning session. As far as I can remember, the interview are only held in UNITEN Putrajaya unlike YTM where the interview was held in a few states around Malaysia. From this part you know you need to sacrifice a bit for your own sake of studies hahaha. As usual, make sure to be there early. Back to my experience, we (applicants) were asked to prepare the photocopy of IC, SPM result and certificates. Bring your original copy too! Then we were put in a conference room and a YTN staff will explain briefly what is TNB, what is YTN and etc. Then, its interview time! We were put into groups according to our interview room. Lucky for me, ( I guess ) I was the third in line to be interviewed. FYI, you will be only interviewed individually so give it your best shot! Before I entered the interview room, there is one special seat for the next person in line to sit. The best thing is the seat was just beside the iv room door. Literally I can hear the person before me speaking to the interviewer hahah. I spoke to one of the staff before that, when you were called for the iv, you are already one step into being a YTN scholar. You just need to do your best in the iv room. The interview question was ALL ABOUT YOU. What you need to do is express yourself to the panel. Why did I say this? Because the question asked are random and it is not the same as other applicant. For example: my friend were asked to sing a nasheed song as he have a singing competition certificate. There are also my friends that were asked to recite some Surah from the Quran. Basically what you tell/ show in your certificate they will ask you to do it. So don’t lie AT ALL. After the iv finished, go home and wait for the email stating to accept/decline the scholarship offer. Yay!

What is the most unique thing about my scholarship

Theres a lot to be told to. After you accepted the offer, YTN will conduct a orientation programme where youll meet other YTN scholars too (from your batch). FYI, YTN has 2 programmes. Overseas and local programmes. Local will be placed in UNITEN Putrajaya (engineering, IT, computer sc) and UNITEN Muadzam (business, account etc). Overseas will be placed in INTEC (Germany, Australia, France if im not mistaken), Southampton University,JB (UK) and several other places (I cant remember sorry). So at this orientation programmes you will be meeting each other for 4 days camp at a hotel. YTN is a huge family. Your bond with other scholars are very strong even you are in Putrajaya and the other one is in Muadzam. There are many activities YTN conducted such as Hari Raya celebration and charity works.

What to be expected from the scholarship

Allowance: its quite good you know. For a student that does not need to pay for loans, the allowance is more than enough. You will be given monthly allowance, books and laptop and few other allowance

College placement: For foundation students, you will be staying at the hostel as YTN paid for the college fees. As for the degree students you will be given allowance as you can choose to stay outside campus. The colleges is like your own house. You can cook if you wanted to but only with electric stove/cooker. No gas stove allowed or you will be fined. Studying in UNITEN doesnt mean free electricity hahaha. You need to pay in order to get electricity supply. Its like the mobile phone reload system but it is for electricity.

Local/overseas program : For local students, there is a special program for YTN scholars. Its called Preparatory Programme for Excellent Students (PPES). As I mentioned previously, YTN has also overseas bound students. There are some of them in UNITEN too under the PPES. These scholars are bound to the USA when they are in degree programme later. For the local students, it doesnt mean you cant study overseas although you are local scholars. YTN has a mobility programme where they will sponsor you to continue your studies overseas for your degree in 3rd or 4th year. All you need to do is to be excellent in academics and non-academics activities while in UNITEN.

Why you should apply for YTN

Job secured: upon graduating, your place in TNB are secured as you will be bonded for 7-10 years. Being a GLC company, you will get numerous benefits from TNB as an employee. Theres no need to worry to seek for jobs. Easy.

Attractive allowance, a conducive campus environment, fees paid for you. What more can you ask from a scholarship? Try YTN that you will feel whats the meaning to be in the TNB family even before entering TNB as an employee.

That’s all from a YTN scholar. If youre reading this and wanted to know more about YTN, drop me a DM. Cheers.

Twitter: @aafiqhakimi IG: aafiqhakimi.r 


  1. Hey bro. I just attended my interview for YTN. Hopefully I can get it😁😁. Do you now how many scholars they take every year? I just want to know my chances of getting this scholarship. Thanks and cheersπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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    1. UNITEN is also one of the Top Universities.

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  5. salam hye, boleh tahu tak bila biasa ytn bukak? or kita kena study sana dulu bru dpt ytn?

  6. Assalam, nk tanya, time interview rambut mcm mana ye?

  7. My sister apply for Ytn n just been shortlisted for pbu Ytn. Is there any of ur friends that got pbu too and they excel for their foundation.. Plus made them eligible to apply electrical power scholarship?
    Heh sorry for my mess sentences
    I do really appreciate ur respond since my sister is still in dilemma to accept or not