Monday, 5 September 2016

College Life?

So far college life seemed great. Things are different from high school (of course, what do you expect). Takkanlah nak sama je, baik takyah panggil college if that's the case. I can't really tell if I liked college better than high school or vice versa, macam balanced. College is more liberated; I decide what I want to do that day, cuma duit je lah masalahnya haha. Tapi sekolah pun sama je, duit juga salah satu benda yang aku pentingkan. And sekolah pulak, you are entitled to strict rules and regulation. Tapi dulu zaman Form 5 aku takdelah terikat sangat dengan peraturan, sebab dulu aku banyak main suka hati je hehehe (jangan bagitahu cikgu-cikgu aku!).

Kalau pasal circle of friends, macam sama je. There's not much difference, except that I had more friends here than in school. Okay part ni aku rasa college menang, sebab kawan-kawan kat sini ramai jugak la yang sekepala. I'm not sure, it depends on a lot of things jugak. To say that college friends lagi matured, nope. Tapi kat sini takde senior-junior, and I guess that's gewd. Not to say I completely disagree with the system (trust me, I have a good bond with my juniors), but I don't like how the system is misused in various ways.

Which one has more free time? College! Aku ambik 3 subjects per semester, and setiap hari total duration kelas paling lama ialah 3 jam. The rest are free time. Homework pun limited kepada 3 subjects tu je, and yes, we have to study for SAT (exam untuk masuk US college), write more than 10 essays for US college application etc so mungkin semester 1 ni busy sikit sebab ada banyak focus. But in all the fuss, I still have time to play, entertain myself, turun padang. Aku baru start turun padang kerap time college, since there is a lot of freetime and idk I'm more comfortable to play sports here? Might be. Sekolah pulak - 11 subjects, tight schedule, prep classes - you don't have time for most things. Memang kena sacrifice all the best things later when you graduate from high school.

So, is college life that hard? At this point, I'd say nope. I've learned to be independent since Form 1 rasanya, so it's not a big problem. Also, my college is not as strict as other college; I heard student UIA PJ tak boleh keluar campus except on weekend. Other college have strict rules similar to that of school, like dress codes, curfews and schedule. Mind you, we can wear anything here. Nak pakai selipar jamban pergi kelas pun takde siapa kisah. Plus, we don't have curfews here. Sometimes malam-malam selalu lepak 7-Eleven sampai awal pagi or lepak mamak.

College or school? I choose college. But if I could turn back time to repeat high school, yes I would.

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