Saturday, 6 August 2016

Okay, so Pokemon Go is Haram

Hi. I just got back from Dataran Petaling Jaya, we joined Cancer Relay For Life program from Saturday noon to Sunday morning straight (I haven't slept at all from yesterday until now). Last night was so fun I didn't feel sleepy at all until this morning, I know I might get exhausted later from lack of sleep, but there's a lot of things to do today anyway, so I'm trying to ignore the exhaustion. I'll tell you guys about the program in my next entry. Insya Allah

Since banyak gila benda nak kena buat harini, I always have to set a key motivation for my work. We all do I guess. Like what Ben always say, "Tak work hard tak terbang" if she didn't study well she might not fly to US later. I figured out what's my motivation for today: "Tak siapkan SAT & Essay, takleh main Pokemon Go" Hahahahaha, Pokemon Go is lowkey one of my highest motivation as of now. I've been waiting for the game to be released in Malaysia, now that it's here......

The hype of Pokemon Go is still fresh sebab baru je officially keluar dua hari lepas. While some people are busy debating whether it's 'haram' to play Pokemon go (I know it sounds ridiculous, at least for me), some are busy catching Pikachus. I can only go Pokemon hunting in the evening/at night though, because I'm always busy in the morning and I can't go PokeHunting in the afternoon, it's too hot outside. Yes, even if you are addicted to a game, don't let it ruin your schedule. Pokemon Go can't be 'haram' as mentioned by Datuk Dr Zulkifli, if we know how to set our priorities right, kan? Sama je concept dengan any other games as well.

Yeh, I'm surprised that there's actually a specific FATWA to ban Pokemon Go in Wilayah Perseketuan. If Pokemon is deemed to be haram because of addictive/might lead to danger, then that's very unfair. Any games can be bad for you guys if korang obses lebih-lebih, and semua game boleh lead to something dangerous, if you're not cautious, if you can't control yourself. Yes, any games can lead to fatal cases if you're too obsessed. Even education can make someone commit suicide right? 

Because every element in life has its stress factor, it depends on us whether we can help it or not. I hope most of you Pokemon fans out there knows how to control yourselves from being too obsessive with Pokemon Go. It can be very beneficial to you guys, if you realize it. This game has made introverts and people with mental health problems actually go out of their house to catch Pokemons and meet new people. It made more people exercise more (on the morning of the release, I walked for 5km), which is obviously good for your health. Can other games do that? ;)

Until then, Assalamualaikum and have a good day.


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  2. wah infonya menarik nih, oya tmn2 klo ada yg mau les gitar ditangerang mampir ya di blog ane"